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Garbage Chutes are an efficient way to manage waste collection in high-rise buildings. Whether used for trash, recyclables, or linens, Garbage Chutes consolidate waste in a single location at the bottom of the chute. Often chutes terminate to a waste receptacle or trash compactor, where it can be safely removed or processed.

Garbage Chute systems minimize human contact with waste materials, providing a higher level of sanitation at your facility. A streamlined removal process will keep your loading dock and utility areas clean, and can also reduce labor expenditures dedicated to waste collection.

Garage Headquarters specializes in the repair and cleaning of Garbage Chutes, as well as design capabilities and installation into new and existing structures. We offer only the highest quality Garbage Chute products and replacement parts, as well as comprehensive odor control systems. Our team provides annual inspections and emergency service of your chute system to ensure safe and proper function, as required by NFPA-82 Standards.

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