Smoke & Fire Rated Fabric Curtains


A smoke curtain is part of a unit to keep areas free from smoke and may include building parts like natural SHEV systems (according to EN 12101-2) as well as automatic SHEV systems (according EN 12101-3). Smoke curtains limit the movement of fire gases inside of a building in case of a fire.


  • 90% of all victims die from smoke
  • 70% of physical damages are caused by smoke
  • The source of the fire as well as further sources of danger can not be detected by the fire departments.

Automatic systems are quite small and can be easily integrated into architecture.

Smoke protection closure systems

Smoke protection closure systems offer a polygon shaped design. No disturbing side guides are necessary to achieve the requested tightness. Due to the flat design, the systems can be perfectly be integrated into ceilings and are available in extremely large widths and lengths where the angle may vary from +/- 90°.

This static smoke curtains can be designed in very large dimensions - practically unlimited widths are possible. An additional benefit is the little load to the structure and the easy lead through of pipes, ventilation and cable ducts as well as their sealing.

Smoke protection closure systems

For the mechanical extraction rooms can be compartmentalized with room-high smoke curtains what significantly reduces the fan capacity. In case of emergency, automatic smoke curtains coil down to the corresponding level, indicated by the extraction concept.

Proven for more than 15 years, the systems provide a reliable insulation with no condensation water or icing when the systems are in operation. Even uninterrupted conveyor systems in cold storage rooms can be sealed.

Smoke protection closure systems

The Smokeshield-C can be perfectly integrated in the architecture because of it different shapes like circle- or ellipse shape but also as open curved (serpentine) system. The smoke curtain is hidden in the suspended ceiling and provides a leakage of 0%.

This de-centralized emergency power supply unit can be installed directly on site - at the drive units of the conveyor system. They offer a high level of safety and ask only for small effort for the installation and maintenance.

The operator panel allows systems to be controlled and easily be extended. This increases the safety as well as the comfort and reduces the effort for installation.


Invisible fire protection!

Building in the future - with innovative textile sealing systems

Invisible fire protection

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